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Ella Spices Combo - Pack of 3 (Chilli, Turmeric, Coriander)

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The food you eat needs to be the safest, the purest, and the most nutritious it can be. When what you eat goes on to become a part of you, it needs to bring you the best of nutritionhealth, and enjoyment.

Introducing the World’s First Cryogenically Ground, Cold Pasteurized Spices. Our spices bring you nothing but the best in every pinch.

Our Cryogenic Spices are liquid-cooled to upto -196° before they are ground, making them retain twice the goodness in every pinch. With our spices, the meals you eat are not just more flavourful, but also more nutritious.

Benefits of Ella Spices:

  • Contain more essential oils and antioxidants that help build immunity and fight disease
  • Have a richer color, aroma, and flavour, made to impress culinary enthusiasts
  • Come with a guaranteed purity for your health and safety
  • Are untouched by human hands, packed in a world-class facility
  • Always maintain the same high standard of quality in every pack

Additional Information:

  • Available in 100g