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Ella Foods - Low Sodium Pickles Combo - Pack of 5 (250g x 5)

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Indulge in the delicious blend of sweet, sour and spicy pickles. Tickle your tastebuds with our range of low sodium pickles. Enhance every meal with rich pickles from Ella Foods. They are made with a patented low sodium formulation. The pickles are avaialble in various flavours like ginger, garlic, gongura, mango thokkku and lemon. Buy low sodium pickles online for the perfect accompaniment for every meal.
This combo pack contains:
  • Garlic pickle
  • Ginger pickle
  • Gongura pickle
  • Lemon pickle
  • Mango pickle


      • Keeps blood pressure at bay
      • Puts less strain on your heart
      • Builds immunity
      • Reduces nausea


      • Thalis
      • Parathas
      • Khichdis
      • Curd rice