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Ella Foods Instant Probiotic Upma - Pack of 2 | Instant Upma | Made with low sodium salt | Fortified with Nutrients | Ready in just 4 mins | Healthy Upma | Healthy Breakfast - Pack of 2

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Get your daily dose of nutrition even on days when you are on the move, or can’t make a meal.

Our Probiotic Instant Upma is made nutritious for a deliciously convenient meal you can enjoy on the go. Made with 40% less sodium salt to keep your heart healthy.

    Benefits of Instant Upma:

    • Promotes digestion with Pre & Probiotics
    • Contains Vegetarian Vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles
    • Contains Vegetarian Omega 3 for better heart health
    • Contains Upto 40% Less Sodium to keep blood sugar in check
    • Is ready in just 4 minutes by adding boiling water
    • Maintains the same high standard of quality


     Additional Information:

    • Pack of 2
    • 85gms each