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Ella Spices Gongura Pickle - 250gms

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Ella Pickles are made with a Patented Low Sodium Formulation, with up to 50% Less Sodium compared to other pickles.

Our Low Sodium Pickles help in regulating Blood Pressure, put less strain on the heart & help maintain fluid balance in the body. Made with Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil that contains Higher Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals

Benefits of Ella Pickles:

  • Keep Blood Pressure in check
  • Contain more Nutrients and Antioxidants
  • Are made for everyone to enjoy
  • Come in a wide range of Exciting Flavours
  • Can be enjoyed with any meal

    Additional Information:

    • Flavor: Gongura
    • Weight: 250gms
    • Made with 50% Less Sodium Salt
    • Made with Cold Pressed Sesame Oil
    • Untouched by Human Hands, made in a world-class facility
    • Maintains the same high standard of quality