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Ella Spices Cajun BBQ 100g ( Pack of 2 )

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Food means variety and now there’s a completely new and delicious way of satisfying every hunger craving. The flavours of the world are simply a sprinkle away.

Bringing the world to your plate with the world’s first cryogenically ground cold pasteurized seasoning made with 50% low sodium salt.

Our Cryogenically ground seasonings are liquid cooled before they are ground, making them retain

2X flavour 2X aroma 2X antioxidants

50% less sodium , and 2X more essential oils mean twice the goodness in every sprinkle, making every meal not just more flavourful, but also more nutritious. 

Cold pasteurized seasonings are guaranteed 99% microbial free, which means they are

Fresher purer last longer

what you eat is brimming with freshness, pristine and untouched by human hands before it reaches you

Ella foods seasonings 

  • Are made with 50% low sodium salt
  • Contain more essential oils and antioxidants that help build immunity and fight disease
  • Have a richer colour, aroma and flavour, made to impress culinary enthusiasts
  • Come with a guaranteed purity for your health and safety
  • Are untouched by human hands, packed in a world class facility
  • Always maintain the same high standard of quality in every pack