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Ella Foods Extravaganza Festival Hamper

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Ella-vate your festive gifting with Ella Foods' Extravanganza Festive Hamper —an exquisite blend of health and happiness. Step beyond the ordinary and embrace a curated selection, including Peri Peri Almonds, Instant Turmeric Latte, Hot Chocolate and more.

The Hamper contains the following items:

  • Salted Almond - 1 pack (100g)

  • Salted Cashew - 1 pack (100g)

  • Coconut Toasted Almond - 1 pack (100g)

  • Peri Peri Almond – 1 pack (100g)

  • Pista Jar – 1 jar (100g)

  • Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate - 2 packs (27g each)

  • Instant Turmeric Latte - 2 packs (15g each)

  • Natural Flavoured Honey - 2 pet bottles (50g each)

  • Oats Dry Fruits Laddu - 4 pcs (30g each)

  • Terracotta Diya (Set of 2) 

  • Incense Sticks - 1 pack

  • Printed Cardboard Box

 Show your appreciation with a gesture that speaks volumes about well-being and joy.


**All images shown are for representative purposes only. The contents of the box are as per the list of products mentioned above.

We also accept Bulk or Corporate Gifting orders with all sorts of customizations.