5 Must-try Indian pickles

5 Must-try Indian pickles

It’s impossible to find an Indian household that doesn’t boast about the varieties of pickles they have safely stored. It’s the secret spice of life. Check out some of the best Indian pickles you need to try out.

We have grown up savouring lip smacking and delicious pickles prepared by our grandmothers and mothers. It goes well as an accompaniment to almost every meal. In the early days, pickles used to be prepared fresh at homes. Unlike western style of pickling, It is a very time consuming process with a long range of steps in India. The ingredients need to be  first dried in the sun and then dipped in essential spices and oils to attain the perfect burst of flavours.

Nowadays, different varieties of these pickles are readily available in the market. Every state in India owns a unique way of enjoying their pickles, the list is endless. Mangoes, lemons and garlic make up the top choices.. Here is a list of 10 different Indian pickles everyone must include to amp up their favourite cuisines. 

Mango pickle

If there is one season that Indians go gaga over, it is the mango season that comes with the onset of summers. No other way to enjoy it like making some lip smacking pickles out of these mangoes. It is the most commonly available pickle in India having different variations like cut mango, kadumango and many others. Fresh, raw mangoes are cut into small pieces and marinated with salt, chilli and turmeric. It pairs well with dishes like dosas, rotis, rice. 

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Garlic pickle

Due to the burst of flavours, this is a must-have to boost up your meals. There are different versions of this pickle for different states based on the preference of sweetness or spiciness. It also comes up with a range of medicinal benefits like controlling cholesterol.

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Lemon pickle

Also known as “nimboo ka achaar”, this pickle lends a unique taste and flavour to any meal. If you prefer some sourness in your food, this is definitely the best choice. The process to make them is quite simple, all you need to do is cut the lime into tiny pieces and marinate it with the spices of your choice.

The best place to buy lemon pickles online is at Ella Foods. Enjoy tangy and low sodium lemon pickles that are made with cold pressed gingerly oil. Since the salt content is only half from traditional pickles, this is also a healthy indulgence you can gorge on.

Gongura pickle

This tangy pickle made with sorrel leaves is a favourite classic in Andhra pradesh. The tempting aroma is all it takes to give a splendid taste to your meals. Top it with some chopped onions for an even authentic Andhra adventure. It has got plenty of nutritional benefits due to the rich presence of Vitamin C, calcium and iron. You can enjoy it with hot rice, a side dish to your pakoras or as a spicy sandwich spread.

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Ginger pickle

Unlike other pickles in India, this is a fairly easier one to make with less ingredients. Finely chopped ginger is pickled with salt and other spices to give a sour and bitter flavour to your meals. It’s one of the most popular pickles during the joyous occasion of Navaratri festival.

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