Almonds and Cashews - Best Nuts to Eat for Weight Loss

Almonds and Cashews - Best Nuts to Eat for Weight Loss

So you’re on a diet, but your cravings don’t know about it yet, and you’re wondering how your snacking habits will reflect on the scales? Rest assured, healthy snacks such as almonds and cashews actually support weight management.

It is a common belief that since nuts such as almonds and cashews are so calorie dense, they lead to weight gain, but this is not the case. Let us look at why eating almonds and cashews instead of other unhealthy snacks can actually help you in your weight loss journey.

We don’t absorb all their fat

Every single almond contains around 7.7 calories of which around 6 come from fat. Given this information, many assume that almonds cause weight gain, but science has proven the opposite. While almonds may be calorie rich, our body does not absorb all the fat content in them. 

Nuts such as almonds store their fat in their cell walls, therefore making them harder to digest. Because of this, most part of the fat consumed from nuts is passed out undigested. This means that a large part of the calories are simply discarded.

They keep us full for longer

The fiber and protein content in nuts helps us feel full for longer, preventing unhealthy snacking. Studies suggest that people who eat nuts regularly tend to eat healthier and get more nutrients from their meals. This is possibly because nuts themselves contain a lot of nutrients and by eating nuts, we tend to avoid eating other unhealthier options in their place.

They help you burn more calories

Research shows that eating nuts such as almonds can actually help you burn more fat and energy. This is because nuts are a great source of an amino acid called L-arginine, which stimulates fat metabolism meaning it helps the body burn more fat.

Almonds contain around 3.52g of arginine per cup, making them a great snack for burning more fat.

They’re protein rich

Nuts in general are a rich source of protein, and protein helps build lean muscle. Nuts such as almonds and cashews help you feel more satiated, because they can block hunger boosting hormones. 

Moreover, studies have shown that all calories are not the same. Eating a meal with the same calories, but higher protein accelerates weight loss, when compared to eating a high carb diet of the same calorific value.

Once again, this is because you’ll snack less when you eat healthier protein rich foods such as nuts. 

They provide several other health benefits

The good fats and high percentage of antioxidants along with vital vitamins and minerals in nuts make them naturally beneficial in lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, and lowering LDL cholesterol.

Therefore, including more nuts and seeds in your diet is a great way to take better care of your heart. These antioxidant rich snacks can help protect your body against cellular aging and also help boost immunity. 

Roasted or Raw?

When it comes to Cashew nuts and almonds, roasted nuts are almost as good as their raw counterparts, so if you enjoy crunchier snacks then you won’t lose much by way of nutrition when you choose dry roasted nuts. 

At Ella, we ensure our almonds and cashews are dry roasted, and lightly salted with 50% low sodium salt, giving you both flavour and texture that makes our snacks both irresistible as well as nutritious. Seasoned with cryogenically ground spices, you can now enjoy these healthy snacks in Peri Peri, Chilli lime, Salted as well as Coconut toasted flavours. 

So snack better knowing that healthy snacks such as these will only support your weight management journey, while ensuring you stay healthy yet satisfied.

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